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Energy efficient homes Certified Green Builder

Live Better.
Live Green.

Snyder Homes builds houses that are designed and constructed with environmental considerations. We focus on the land development process so the home’s impact on the environment is as low as possible. Snyder’s goal of Green Building is not only positive for the environment, but it benefits the homeowner, as well. Snyder Homes are energy efficient; they conserve water, and the overall indoor environment is better due to the effective HVAC equipment, formaldehyde-free finishes, and low-allergen materials. Our high-performance buildings are designed and constructed to incorporate environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the home building and land development process, with the goal of minimizing each home’s environmental impact. Green building is a practical response to a variety of issues that affect all of us — like increasing energy prices, waning water resources and changing weather patterns.

  • 1
    Whole Home Ventilation with ERV

    Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) recovers 70-80% of the energy used to heat or cool air in homes.

  • 2
    R-60 Ceiling Insulation

    R-Value measures insulation’s ability to resist heat traveling through it. The higher the R-Value the better.

  • 3
    Zip System® Wall Insulation:

    R-21 batt insulation and R-5 continuous insulation.

  • 4
    Low-E Argon Glass Window

    Low-E window coatings help keep heat inside (or outside) without impeding light. Argon gas is dense and acts as insulation between the panes of glass.

  • 5
    Nest Programmable Thermostat

    Smart thermostats save money, energy, and time by automatically adjusting to your habits and changing weather.

  • 6
    Gutter Extensions

    Installed to divert water away from the foundation.

  • 7
    Energy Star® Refrigerator & Dishwasher

    New energy-efficient appliances save money and energy.

  • 8
    Central Air Conditioner (optional) 17 SEER efficiency rating

    A higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) means more efficient cooling.

  • 9
    96% High Efficiency Heating

    Our homes have super-efficient heating systems that save energy and money.

  • 10
    R-20 Insulated Foundation Wall

  • 11
    Air Sealing Throughout

    Air sealing is the first step in making your home more comfortable. It works with insulation to create an effective barrier against heat and cold.

  • 12
    Blower Door Test

    Each home is tested and certified by Efficiency Vermont with a blower door test that measures the airtightness of the building.

  • 13
    Construction Waste Recycling

    A minimum of 82% of construction waste is recycled, not sent to landfills.

  • 14
    Energy Efficient Lighting

    Compared with traditional incandescent lights, fluorescents or LEDs are more efficient, generate less heat, and give the same amount of light.

  • 15
    Low Flow Toilets

    A low flow toilet uses considerably less water than a traditional one, conserving resources.

  • 16
    Efficient Bathroom Fan/Lights

    Energy-efficient fans exhaust moist air.