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Things to Do in Vermont

A bustling street scene in a town with pedestrians, colorful banners strung across, and a church spire in the background under a clear sky.

A small, lush state covered in forests, Vermont is where natural oasis meets vibrant culture — from the scenic shores of Lake Champlain to the bustling, small-town streets, there’s always an outdoor adventure or an artisanal shop to explore. Take a scenic drive along a winding road and watch the world unfurl outside your window; when you live in a new home in Vermont, you have it all year round.

Characterized by a true sense of community, Vermont prioritizes green initiatives, farm-to-table fare, arts and culture, and embracing the majesty of the outdoors, whether you’re skiing down a mountain or standing on top of one. Whether you choose a new home in Shelburne or a new home in Williston, you’ll be able to open your front door, take a breath of fresh air, and discover something new each day.

What to Do Year Round

With your seasonal needs taken care of, it’s always beneficial and needed to have go-to activities and options year round. Check out some of these Vermont staples if you’re interested in a sweet treat, a cultural experience, or just a fun day out of the house.

What to Do in the Spring and Summer

Cool, clear-blue lake water sneaking up on your toes. World-class jazz whistling through the streets. Two large scoops of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor. The warmer months in Vermont invigorate your senses, telling you to let your hair down, kick back, and soak up the good life. From pristine golf courses to family-friendly fun and everything in between, here are a few of our favorites ways to enjoy spring and summer.

What to Do in the Fall and Winter

Ah, the bread and butter of the Green Mountain State. If you live for the chilly thrills of the great outdoors, you’ve certainly come to the right place. With ski resorts galore, you’re sure to find the adrenaline rush you’re looking for in the colder months. But if you’re also a “leisurely hike” and “art museum day” kind of person, you’re in for a treat. Take a look at all the best ways to enjoy fall and winter, from skiing and beyond.

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